oh boy... totally spaced out LOL...

and forgot to post my new releases layouts here... I've also been doing other random layouts lately too so I'm just going to post them all here :) I'm trying to slow down and get ready for December Daily to start again... I can't wait, and actually finished my cover page last night... so right now I'm working on my next photography tutorial for Traci Reed's blog and gathering supplies for December Daily. I can't wait to do this again this year! I'm going to do a template set again... because it was just easy for me... and I think I'm going to go super simple with it too... I have my hands on an awesome kit coming this weekend that is so perfect and can't wait to use that one for the majority of my pages and then I'll use a few other kits here and there for the rest. Weee... I can't wait for December to get here!!!

Anyways, here are the layouts I haven't posted here yet...

What's Happening at School by Fee Jardine
Cindy's Layered Templates: Half Pack #24 - Just For Journaling 2 by Cindy Schneider - NEW 11/12
Rubia's Tiny Print by Darcy Baldwin and Studio Basic - NEW 11/12
Happy Tape vol 1 by Jenn Barrette - NEW 11/12
Fuzzy Wittle Alpha by Traci Reed - NEW 11/12
Dog At My Alpha 2.0 by Traci Reed - NEW 11/12
Blissful Stitching: Curved by Traci Reed
Frame Stackers by Lauren Reid

Things That Matter Most - TLP collab
Purple Haze by Queen Of Hearts
DJB Fonts: I Love Me Some Heather by Darcy Baldwin
Scrap With Styles: Frame It by Misty Cato

Chalklet Paper Kit by Lauren Reid
Forever Autumn Paper Pack by Allison Pennington
Paintstroke Chatter - Wee One by CD Muckosky
White Washed Bits by Micheline Martin
Taped Up Swatches by Sahlin Studio
DJB Fonts: Chalk It Up by Darcy Baldwin

Forever Autumn Paper Pack by Allison Pennington
Autumn Afternoon Paper Pack by Sahlin Studio
Autumn Afternoon Flowers and Felt Flowers by Sahlin Studio and Precocious Paper
Everyday by Sahlin Studio
Junk Mail Alpha by Micheline Martin
Finishing Touches by Karah Fredricks
DJB Fonts: Emphatically Dirty by Darcy Baldwin
DJB Fonts: I Love Me Some Heather by Darcy Baldwin
template freebie by Roadside Designs



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