Scrappin' Saturday

I had so much fun playing with some of the new releases this week. I'm also excited that I am no longer the newbie of the SugarBabes at Sweet Shoppe Designs and excited to see all my nominations get invites this week and am really excited about all the girls that are joining us behind the scenes. Anyways, here are the layouts I loved creating this week. I'm actually surprised with how much I got done considering this was our first week of homeschooling.

First up is a gorgeous Indian Summer kit from Zoe, along with a little bit of fun font from Darcy! I think this is my new favorite font... I know I say that every week, LOL.

September Portfolio #17 - It's time for one of our steady favorites again! Paper 2 Digi! Browse April Foster’s gallery and lift one of her amazing layouts! I lifted Walk

Indian Summer by Zoe Pearn - NEW 9/10

DJB Fonts: Her Fancy Hand by Darcy Baldwin - NEW 9/10
Paper Clips: Strippy Stacks by Libby Pritchett

La has a gorgeous new kit out... and can I just say that she totally rocks the roses in it... she's so freakin' talented with her doodles!!!

Daydreamer by Lauren Grier - NEW 9/10

and last but not least, is an awesome karate kit from Traci Reed... I don't have any kids in karate so I made a page showing my sweet little babe.

At The Dojo by Traci Reed - NEW 9/10
DJB Fonts: Her Fancy Hand by Darcy Baldwin - NEW 9/10



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