December Daily/Journal Your Christmas - Day 21 & 22

Today was a crazy busy day and I was so happy to spend this evening catching up on my pages. Originally I was going to put Moriah's birthday in for today but then decided that she deserves her own birthday pages for the family scrapbook instead of the December daily. We did have lots of fun though with activities for her and I'm glad she had such a great day. Now that I'm done with my Dec Daily pages I'm going to go work on her birthday pages :)

Here are the pages together as they would be in the book
and separate
Counting Down to Christmas by Jenn Barrette
Doctor, Doctor by Jenn Barrette and Pink Reptile Designs
Bragging in 8x8 by Darcy Baldwin
my custom font by Darcy Baldwin
Jolly Holly Alpha by Traci Reed (blog freebie)
Messy Paint by Penny Springmann
Skritch Skratch by Darcy Baldwin and Zoe Pearn
Funky Metal alpha by Meg Mullens
glitter alpha by Lauren Reid

ETA: Thank you to my friend Kristin, who pointed out that I forgot the "r" in my title for day 22! Apparently, I'm a bit whiped out from this day, LOL!



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